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August 16 2014


Melbourne - Great Ocean Road - Adelaide - Leongatha - Book Book

Oh dear, haven't written anything in here for exactly two month. Will be difficult to remember everything that happened :D

I ended the last blog with the last day in Melbourne. Lena and I headed south west from Melbourne on 18/6/14. Fortunately Dale lend us his GPS so we didn't have any trouble finding our wqay out of Melbourne. I've talked pretty highly about all the nice stuff I've seen so Lena was quiet disappointed about the first day driving through built-up areas and stuff. We stayed the first night in Bells Beach. And continued along the Great Ocean Road, which is a highway along a beautiful coastline and pretty much hills on the other side of the road. We didn't make many kilometers but stopped for pretty much each and every nice bay and enjoyed ourselves a lot. After traveling by myself for a few weeks it was nice to have company.
To be honest I can't really remember where we stayed the nights so I'll just continue telling stories about my personal highlights along the way.
Driving along a coastline you can see heaps of lighthouses. Seemingly each and every cape does have one. We've been very keen on climbing onto one. But we couldn't find any open for public until we got to the Cape Otway. Lena didn't see a koala yet and we got told there would be heaps of them along the road down to the lighthouse. So I turned left into the Otway Lighthouse Road and probably after 2km Lena said "I think there was a Koala!" So I slowed Rudi, the read nosed Falcon, down and drove walking pace for probably 200m and there was Lenas first Koala. Jumpo out of the car -fortunately it's not much traffic going on on this dead end road - and take heaps of pictures, complaining about the fact this little grey bunch tries to hide in the tree. Anyway happy about what we got, we kept drivin for another 100m to find the next one. This continued for about one km until we found a bit of a clearance with five koalas fotomodeling around us. One of them was stupid enough to sit in about two meters height on a very young and thin eucalyptus tree, which bend down under her weight. Little Ella goes nuts of course and starts to shake the tree to wake him up. Little Koala gets a bit of a heart attack, but he wakes up and Lena can take amazing pictures of a shocked Koala. (Yes, I did apologize before we left!!)

Anyway we got going again just to slow down another 2km further down the road for cows on the road. The Asian couple in the car in front of us got a huge heart attack and Lena had to take another 5.000.000 pictures for me. :D
Reaching the lighthouse we charmed the guy at the entrance to let us in for a childrens price instead of adults or students and the lighthouse was actually open for public. Tadaaaaaaa. Next highlight: amazing self-baked cake. So we made our way back with full tummys and very happy about Koalas and lighthouses. Leaving this national park kind of thing, I decided to get Lena a little Koala tool as a souvenir. Chatting with the guy for a while I ended up leaving the shop with a Koala for Lena and one for free. :D

We got going again to reach the 12 Apostels just before dark. Considering a huge amount of cliche Asians we decided to come back in the morning before sunrise. So we checked in in Port Campbell in a hostel. And had a nice seafood dinner ridiculously overpriced. Anyway back in the hostel we met a couple of Dutch guys who wanted to marry me because of my car and talked into drinking with them. Not a good idea at all!!!! Anyway we made it to get up early enough for the sunrise at the Twelve Apostel, but it was no fun at all. Anyway walking pretty much each and every track til here, we could hardly make it out of the car that day.

Anyway the further we got the less to see. It got a bit boring but we kept going and planned to drive a few more km per day and get earlier to Adelaide. Said and done we've been pretty disappointed about Adelaide. The rainy weather didn't help much either. The road trip came to an end pretty quickly. Time was just flying.
Not brave enough to leave my car somewhere ou of town where you would have been allowed to park longer than two hours we found a car park for little Rudi and ended up paying more for the car park than for my own bed. Anyway. She had it warm and safe. <3

Enjoying the advantages of a bigger town we spent the next day with sightseeing.
First stop: botanical garden, followed by the most amazing pumpkin I ever had served with home made bread. It's a bit ironical first to check out the botanical garden, but that's how we are: much happier with plants around us instead of shops. :D
Second stop: Haigh's chocolate factory. Hand made chocolate, sold just in 16 shops in Australia. Pure sin. But good. :)
Last stop: the cinema. It was just so funny. NOt the movie (The Fault in Our Stars) but everything else. We just made it into the cinema before a huge thunderstorm broke down and sitting in the movie you could hear the water running off the roof which was quiet cozy until the water started to run into the cinema and pretty much half the people got wet. Anyway I ran out to tell those people what's happening and the owner just said "yeah i know. nothing i can do about it right now!". After the movie we got a free ticket for another movie and off we went. :D
Lawst day of the actual road trip brought us to a German village called Hahndprf just outside Adelaide for a nice French breakfast. Lena stayed in Adelaide while I headed back to Melbourne on 26/6/14 where I forgot my heart, before I headed back home the next weekend.

It was an amazing time, seeing a lot of different things, burning a lot of fuel, meeting heaps of nice people.
7.000km with "Ella's Schutzengel" dangling off the rear-vision mirror. My little Rudi didn't miss a beat, didn't get (more) scratches and we didn't hit a kangaroo. Happy travellers got back to Book Book and the every day routine kicked back in pretty quickly. But once you've been away it's not the same. Instead of staying until the polo season is over I left  the farm a week ago.
It was a good time, I've learned a lot about cattle, horses, people and myself. But it wasn't always easy, especially since I got back.
Time to move on and that's what I'm going to do.

Plan for the next few weeks:
- chill out around Melbourne and re-charge the batteries
- 31/08/2014: fly to Kathmandu
- hike the Annapurna circuit
- 29/09/2014: come back to Australia and make further plans

I try to keep you a bit better up to date. Next probably with the plans for Nepal. It's going to be soooo exciting. :)

June 19 2014

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15.06.2014, Albert Park, Melbourne: Skyline
Reposted byOpaathome Opaathome
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14.06.2014, Melbourne: Speeding ticket!
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12.06.2014, Mt. Oberon in Wilsons Promontory National Park: ON top of the world <3
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12.06.2014, Wilsons Promontory National Park: The power of nature.
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12.06.2014, Wilsons Promontory National Park: Wallaby <3
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11.06.2014, Agnes Falls, South Gippsland
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10.06.2014, Lakes Entrance
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10.06.2014, Stony Creek Trestle Bridge
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09.06.2014, Parliament House, Canberra
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08.06.2014, Sea Cliff Bridge, Wollongong

June 17 2014


Canberra - Bega - Lakes Entrance - Foster - Leongatha - Melbourne

I've promised someone, I would write the next blog in german. So sorry Australian people, you will get just the shortcut in english. :P

After leaving Sydney I headed south for Melbourne. First stop was Canberra with a bit of political education and a guided tour through the Parliament House. After that I went down to Bega, where I tried to check in in the only hostel. But it was closed. Eventually I was lucky enough to get the manager to give me a bed anyway. It felt a bit like staying at my great-grandparents parents place. :D But it was very clean and quiet and I would have taken everything after the pretty bad hostel in Canberra (it was full of old Chinese men, who kept staring at me while i cooked my dinner, so I ate in my room sitting on my bed and used the staff bathroom to avoid walking through the common room, where they stayed the whole night). Anyway the accommodation in Bega was pretty good, I visited the cheese factory the next day and headed for Lakes Entrance to see one of the most beautiful sunsets eeeeever!
I arrived at the Ninety Mile Beach the next day around lunchtime and found the beach pretty empty except one dog, who stayed with me the entire time and kept my company. :D
In Foster was again a completely empty hostel found, with just ten bed and pretty cozy again. I booked in for two nights, because I planned to spend the next day in the Wilsons Promontory National Park. Like you've learned it from mom and dad, the next day started with preparing sandwiches and all that sort of stuff for lunch. I was pretty excited and in the car before nine on the way 60km south to the park. The walk I planned to make, was an overnight experience, so I decided just to walk along the amazing bays. The pictures will follow later on. :) It's pretty exhausting to walk either up and down the hills or through sand. Lunch got served in the last bay (Whiskey Bay) sitting on top of a huge stone with the waves all around me. <3
Everyone knows, that I just love to stand on top of a mountain, so after 15km through hills and sand I took the challenge to hike up to Mount Oberon. The highest mountain in the park. The sign at the car park said 3.4km, 1hour. I've made it in 40mins, but arrived on top totally done. Up there I met some Australian people and to make a long story short, we ended up grabbing my stuff in Foster, driving up to Leongatha (where they live) and having dinner together in the local pub.
Next station on the Roadtrip was Melbourne. I love that town. It's sooo amazing. It's huge, but all those pretty square streets make it more than easy to orientate.
I met Lena over here and we will head for the Great Ocean Road and Adelaide together tomorrow. Heaps of more beautiful things to see. We are both soooo excited!!!!

So und jetzt alles nochmal auf Deutsch. Nachdem ich Sydney verlassen habe, bin ich zuerst nach Canberra gefahren, wo ich ziemlich Pech mit dem Hostel hatte, weil ich es als einzige Frau mit nem Haufen Chinesischer Männer teilen musste, die mich die ganze Zeit, während ich mein Abendessen gekocht habe nur angestarrt haben. Ich hab mich dann im Endeffekt in meinem Zimmer eingeschlossen und auf meinem Bett gegessen und das Personalbad genutzt, weil ich dann nicht nochmal durch den ganzen Gemeinschaftsbereich laufen musste zur Dusche. Am nächsten Tag hab ich dann schön nen bisschen Politik und ne geführte Tour durchs Parliament House gemacht.
Die nächste Station war dann Bega, die australische Käsestadt, wo der Hotelbesitzer das Hostel extra nur für mich "geöffnet" hat. Die Käserei konnte man leider nur von außen betrachten.
Der nächste Tag führte mich nach Lakes Entrance, wo ich einen der schönsten Sonnenuntergänge ever gesehen habe. Der Ninety Mile Beach am nächsten Tag war ne gute Idee für ein sehr ruhiges Lunch. Außer nem Angler und nem Hund, war keiner zu sehen so weit das Auge reichte. Leider ist es tatsächlich mittlerweile auch in Australien etwas zu kalt um stundenlang irgendwo rumzusitzen, bzw. ist der Wind am Strand einfach zu stark. Aber immer getreu dem Motto "nur die Harten komm in Garten" hab ich mir nen schönes Mittagsschläfchen gegönnt. :D
Foster und der Wilsons Promontory National Park waren dann die nächsten Stationen. In Foster ist ein mega cooles Hostel mit nur 10 Betten, klein und urgemütlich. Ich buchte zwei Nächte um einen ganzen Tag im National Park, 60km südlich verbringen zu können. Also Stullen geschmiert, Rucksack gepackt und auf gehts am nächsten Morgen in alles frühe (9Uhr). Ich hatte mir schon ne Strecke ausgesucht, wurde aber von den Mitarbeiterinnen vor Ort belehrt, dass das ein mindestens zweitägiger Overnightwalk wäre. So hab ich dann das kleinere Übel und die Buchtenrundtour gewählt. In der letzten Bucht habe ich dann meinen Rucksack geplündert mit Blick aufs Meer auf nem Stein sitzend. :)
Jeder weiß, dass ich es lieber, auf nem Berg zu stehen und weit gucken zu können, also führte natürlich kein Weg daran vorbei auf den höchsten Berg des National Parks zu klettern (nachdem ich schon rund 15km durch Sand und über Berge hinter mir hatte). Das Schild am Parkplatz sprach von 3,4km für die man eine Stunde brauchen sollte. Challenge accepted. Ich war oben nach 40 Minuten. Total platt. Begrüßt wurde ich da dann von drei Australiern, die mich auch gleich einluden mit ihnen in deren Heimatstadt im Pub zu Abend zu essen und nen paar Bierchen zu trinken. Gesagt getan. Kurzer Zwischenstopp in Foster, um meine Sachen einzusammeln und ab nach Leongatha.
Von da gings dann weiter nach Melbourne. Und ich kann nur sagen, ich liebe diese Stadt. Sie ist riesig, aber durch die ganzen Planquadrate und graden Straßen ziemlich einfach zu überblicken. Sie hat die perfekte Mischung aus alt und neu, pulsierenden und ruhigen Vierteln. Sie ist überhaupt nicht so laut und hektisch und überfüllt wie Sydney. Gestern hab ich mich dann zum ersten Mal mit Lena getroffen, die für einen "Nachbarn" gearbeitet und verkündet hat, dass sie mit mir von Melbourne nach Adelaide reisen würde. Morgen gehts dann los die Great Ocean Road entlang. Eine Woche haben wir Zeit für die knapp 800km nach Adelaide, bevor ich mich auf den 1,500km langen Rückweg durchs nirgendwo mache. Wr werden mit Sicherheit ne ganze Menge Spaß haben und riesig viele Eindrücke sammeln (ihr könnt schonmal neidisch werden!).

Ich schicke euch ganz liebe Grüße in den Sommer!

June 05 2014

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04.06.2014, Great Dividing Range, Nowlands Gap: Cattle grazing on the camping area
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04.06.2014, Great Dividing Range, Nowlands Gap: another amazingly pretty place, free camping up to one month, you might find me over here when I'm sick of everything. :D
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04.06.2014, Thunderbolts Way: Cattle and sheep living together <3
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03.06.2014, Ulong: me :D
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03.06.2014, Ulong: The village in the valley, one of the prettiest places I've see -- yet.
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03.06.2014, somewhere between Grafton and Dorrigo: I'd love to have a motorbike right now (and my Daddy to drive with me!)
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03.06.2014, Byron Bay: Lighthouse
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